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While looking into online jobs I came across a website about Virtual Assistants and what type of tasks they do and skill then need for the job. I had realized to my amazement that my 8 years of College and University studies has given me the skills I would need to do several of the services that Virtual Assistants perform. Here are 5 skills that I had acquired and did not realize.


1) Internet research on certain topics for company blogs, newsletters and more.

If you have ever had to write a 1500-3500 word essay then you would have to know how to research topics online.  After so many English, History and other types of classes I should be a pro by this point. Even this post is an example of my research skills.


2) Typing

Let’s face it you need to type your essays before you can hand them in and after 8 years of typing 1000-3500 word essays it is a skill I know I had. In this day and age it is a skill you need to know in order to post in blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and for other types of social media. Unfortunately I don’t know how many wpm I can type I just type until the essay or project is finished.


3)  Typing Notes

I don’t know about you but when I do my essays I like to use a pen and note books to write a rough draft then type it after. I write down my research, and then do a rough draft on how the essay will look. So being able to type out my notes is a must have and a work force  I skill I did not know I had.


4) Transcribing

Oddly enough one of my anthropology courses had a project that involved transcribing a conversation.  The project involved interviewing a senior citizen while recording it. Then we had to transcribed the recording.


5)  Database Entry

This is more of a minor skill for College/ University but you needed it to sign up for classes.  Also for the online courses you needed to send essays to the instructors through email, go on to the schools website to participate in discussions and to do your final exam. All of which I have done. I also have 6 months data entry skills through my work at Avon where I had to process orders through their site.


There you have it 5 skills I did not know I had acquired while attending college and University.  They say you need a degree to get a career but they don’t point out the skills you acquire while attending college or University.