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I just saw the original Prom Night from 1980 and all I can say is I saw kids shows scarier then that. The first hour of the movie was mostly like a chick flick were four best friends discuss the prom and who they are taking with a few pathetic scars such as a mirror breaking and pictures being placed in three of the girls lockers. Add in disco at the prom when it had ended long before the 70s. Then when the killings started they were either drawn out sex scenes with no sex and then with the killer making obviously fake stabbing motions or drawn out chase scenes with the killer swinging an axe at nothing but air. We see very little of the dead bodies even for that time that was rare for a horror movie, the most gruesome scene was the beheading of the school bully who wasn’t a target just an accident. The only bright side was Jamie Lee Curtis and Lesley Neelson’s acting. Even at the beginning of her career Jamie could act which is a rarity in its self.