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Watch above: a 136 square foot home is generating interest around the city

SASKATOON – A 24-year-old Saskatoon woman is the proud owner of a 136 square foot home she and her friends built from the bottom up.

“I started to look at plans when I was 16 and every house I looked at had bonus rooms and just too much space,” said Lydia Holden.

“It’s that much more space to heat, that much more space to cool and to store junk in, and to clean.”

Now, her $30,000 home is energy efficient, eco-friendly and everything she needs.

“I have a living room with a day bed, which I call the reading nook, I have a propane fireplace for heat, the kitchen has a two burner stove, and a cooler that sits in a drawer under my counter space,” said Holden.

“There’s also a sink with a tea dispenser for…

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