My dream but unfortunately with a crooked back, other disabilities and no Drivers license the dream will never be. Thanks to my savings I will never be able to get gov. help. Seriously they want people to be independent but if they have savings incase of emergencies they won’t help you out if you earn below the poverty line talk about double standards. A person needs to earn $50000/year to get a mortgage and I am lucky to make $12000 because I can only work part time.

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ABOVE: Law Student Joel Fleck gives a tour of his “tiny home”. It’s called “subtractive design” – Joel can go from his law books, to his couch, to his kitchen in less than a half dozen steps.

Joel Fleck is a young law student flirting with a kind of personal anarchy. Joel lives in what he calls a “womb-like” 153-square foot house near Sebastopol, California, and he says the obstacles society places in the way of tiny home owners have turned him into a reluctant rebel.

He keeps his house on a trailer in his sister’s backyard. Local bylaws prevent him from making the location permanent.

“I just feel like they should let me live my life,” he says. “If they let me put it on a piece of property and pay taxes on it I’d be all for it but they don’t let me do that, so I’ll rebel…

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