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Tiny House Ontario

There is something that I have come across in my recent genealogical research that is really bugging me. You see, there sits an early graveyard on private property in which the current land owner’s parent was said to have smashed the graves in the earlier end of the 1900’s and left the bits of rubble laying around in the area. The adjacent property was for sale and thus I was finally able to get a look at the place and take some photos legally.

Not that I ever doubted, but indeed, what my grandmother told me is true.  There are most certainly graves there. I don’t know how many graves that are there but I am almost certain that Simeon Spooner (1802-1877) and his wife Jane Patton (1819-1894) are buried there along with several other decedents.  Some of the old timers have told me that there were many more stones, and bits…

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