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TORONTO – We’ve all complained about our cellphone plans: locked in a contract, too many hidden fees, not enough data…the list goes on.

But who has time to call every provider, wait on hold for minutes that crawl by, and engage in what could be described as a “challenging” conversation about the best plan available, then compare companies like Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido, Virgin, Mobilicity, Wind, Koodo and the latest—PC Mobile?

Global News reporters do.

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President’s Choice launched new cellphone plans with shorter-than-normal (18 or 30 month) contracts last week. The website lists their “refreshingly simple plans,” which include options to get text updates to track voice and data usage, as well as to limit mobile charges.

John-Kurt Pliniussen, marketing expert and professor at Queen’s University School of Business, said these plans provide “novel options” related to…

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