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Finally the Saskachewan winter is finally over. The snow started before my Birthday, Nov.4th and continued on until late April. That is 6 months of snow almost as tall as me and -20 temp. But now it is around 20 degrees and I have already wore a summer dress. I am glad the winter is over because I was feeling a bit depressed especially since the cold affected my sinices and making it hard to breath, cough and burp which seemed to happen at the same time, weird. Anyways since the weither has gotten better I have been out walking a few times. For the past 3 days though it has been raining but it is a much warmer rain then BC so I am not complaining. Seriously you don’t need to bundle up like you have to in BC, you need your winter coat just for the rain even in the summer out there. But I have to admit the winters in BC are better the Sask. 6 months of snow and that is rare for snow to last that long in Sask apparently. But whoo no more snow.