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I have been looking into mobile homes for about 4 yrs now but they are still expencieve. Then I realized since I also would like to own the land that it is on (500-1000sq ft) that maybe I should buy a trailer home to live in while I find the land and put that on it and then when Grandma um “moves on” use that money to build a home on the land. Before anyone goes what a trailer home I would like to say I am just going back to my roots. Mothers first home was in a trailer home when I was born and then latter on she turned it into a store. I just had a thought I wonder if she owned that land. Probably not. Anyways my plan would be to get rid of most of the built ins. I also don’t need the stove since I use a microwave, slow cooker and a plug in burner, I also want a small fridge. Once taken out this should give me extra space. I am going to look online at used trailers just to get an idea, of the prices and what I like. Not quite sure how I would move it or where to put it still planing since I have no DL or land yet to put it on. So far I seem to like the ones build in the 70s and 80s at around 19 ft to 23 ft.