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All I want is a home that is around 500 sqft. to 650 sqft. And it is impossible to find. I looked into mobile homes but there would be land rent to pay, they are not close to public transportation and most are for over 50s. I am a 29 year old with no DL and a crooked back. I have asked about city limits but in BC homes that small can not be within the city limits. This is stupid because no one these days can afford a big home.

I have thought of finding a bit of land of around 1000 sqft with water, sewer and electric hook ups and then finding a small home to put or build onto it. But I still have the problem of transportation. I have also thought that if someone had an apartment suite that they no longer use that I could buy. But they probably would want to sell it at a high price like most people do these days.

A dream of mine is if someone gave me a home for free. No mortgage and everything in good condition, the roof, foundation, plumbing, electric and pest free. But I know that this is just a dream and it is never going to happen.

If you know anything about finding such a home or anyother information please leave a comment.