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One morning as Darla’s mother was getting her ready for school; Darla asked her a question. “Mommy, what is love

“Well, said her mother, “that is a very complicated question.” Her mother kneeled down to look at Darla.

“You know when Thomas makes all the beds because he knows that it hurts mommy’s back?” “Yes” “Well that is love!”

“Or when Thomas Agnes and you eat all the other coloured candies but leave the pink ones for mommy because I like them best.” “Yes” “Well that is love!”

“Or when your little brother Asher waits by the door for mommy because without mommy the day can not start?” “Yes” “Well that is love!”

“And when you give Asher the last piece of pie even though you wanted it?” “Yes” “Well that is love!”

“You see Darla love is hard to explain but it is easy to show. This is because love is the things we do for the people we care about.”

“Like when daddy made me the doll house, or when Thomas saved dolly from Rufus, or when I hurt my knee and Agnes gave me candy to feel better or…”

“Yes, yes that is what love is.” Said her mother laughing, “Love is what we do for those we care for.”

“That’s it?” “That is it.” Said her mother smiling “Now let’s go to school.” “Um Mommy” “Yes” “What’s complicated?”

This is a short children’s story that I wrote. I would love to publish it in to a book or ebook but I have no pictures for it.