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This is another place I like to look around in. It is Bath’s old market square and it has several little shops in it. There is a used book store and across from it is a sewing and craft shop. This shop is one of the few places in the UK that I was able to find embroidery threat in. But they also have ribbon, lace, fabric, buttons and paper crafts. There is also a small hardware shop with things like kitchenware, silverware, cleaning supplies and everything you need in a tool kit. Well at least that is what it looks like, I am not a handywoman type of person. There is also a 50s type of shake bar were you can get milkshakes, hamburgers, fries etc. But my favorite shop is the jewelry shop with the old era type jewelry. jewelry that looks like or maybe was made in the early 1900 eras. I was able to find some very lovely clip ons instead of the usual plastic garbage that is now pass off as clip ons. All in all it is a very interesting place to look around in, not just for the shops but also because of the history of the area.

Bath Guildhall Market