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Silver and Amber Pendant

One of my favorite stores to wander around in is Eureka. It has so many interesting things. A favorite of mine is their silver jewellery which is hand-made from around the world. They have pendants, earings and bracelets. Which are made of a variety of different stones such as amber, jade, amethysts and several other beautiful stones. They also have wood carvings, textiles like pillow covers, bags and purses. Plus pearl, shell and coral jewellery which is interesting to see. It is just a great store to see hand crafted creations from around the world. So far I have bought myself: 2 small blue soapstone figures (a dauphin and an elephant), a small hand embroidered purse, a silver and amber pendant. The pendant is from Poland which is what I like about it since my Grandfather’s father immigrated from Poland to Canada when he was twelve because he was old enough to fight in the Russian army. Well as I was saying Eureka is a very interesting store to look at and if you ever go to Bath England I would recommend that you take peek in the store.