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At the moment I am traveling about the UK and in February I took a bus trip into Scotland. It took 12 hours to travel up into Scotland but since it was a 5 day trip I did not care. Plus I am Canadian so 12 hours seems short compared to traveling from Victoria BC to Saskatoon, Sask. Anyways my hotel was in a lovely little village called Melrose. It has the ruins of an old Abbey in it. I have pictures in my Photobucket album if anyone is interested, the link is in the blogroll. I found Scotland so surreal with its deep green land and sheep grazing instead of cattle. We also went into Edinburgh and Kelso, which has the sister Abbey to the one in Melrose.

In Edinburgh I saw the castle which was different from what I always thought castles should look like. Instead of one big building it was made up of several buildings that were just a bit bigger then an average home in BC. I though it was great, you don’t see such buildings in Canada especially in BC and Saskatchewan. Well that was my trip into Scotland I love seeing the land and architecture.

Kelso Abbey

Kelso Abbey