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Passive Internet Income by James Brown.

This is a short ebook, it is only 11 pages but it is one of my favorites. It gets straight to the point. It was a free ebook and it came with four other ebooks. I did have to sign up to receive them, but that is usually normal with free ebooks. The ebook is basically a dictionary on what passive income is. It does not have that long feeling to it that most informational reading material has, just information that is quick and easy to understand. This is what makes this ebook great for beginners that are trying to work at home.

The ebook starts by explaining about passive income and what it is. Then it goes onto the different types of passive income. You may have heard of a few; AdSense, affiliate marketing such as ClickBank or Amazon. It is this ebook that got me wondering about ClickBank and to research it. The ebook also explains about membership sites and how they would create an income.

To me this is a great book with helpful information. It could use a bit more information, but since this is a free ebook I am not going to complain. It has no buy my other ebooks or products ads in it, just good quality information. Because of this ebook I am wondering what the authors other ebooks are like and if they are just as good. I give this ebook 4/5. This free ebook came with 4 others of his at passive internet riches.