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ClickBank for Newbies by Harvey Segal.

This is a free ebook that I did not have to sign up for like you have to do for most free stuff. I just clicked the link, my adobe reader opened it and then I saved it to m computer. The written content is exactly what you would expect from such an ebook. But there was a few scrapes of information that was helpful.

The ebook starts off with an explanation of what the ebook is about and then it explains what an affiliate is in a clear yet simple way that anybody could understand. Then the ebook goes into what ClickBank is. It is the world’s biggest digital products provider. Digital products are ebooks and software basically anything that is downloaded. The ebook goes on to explain that ClickBank’s commission rate is 50%-75% since all a buyer has to do is download the product. But then the writer at this point decides this would be a where he puts in what his credentials are while at the same time promoting his sites. Basically the writer starts off by giving the impression that he is just after your money. Well he is.

In chapter 3 the ebook starts to explain about ClickBank again. This is where some helpful information is; always calculate the price of the product, your commission and the transaction fees that ClickBank takes off so that you know how much you will make. Another thing is to check to see if the products are in demand but to also remember that the popularity listings are always 12 weeks old so new eBooks might end up higher in the list as the weeks go by. The writer then warns you of what problems can happen which could cause you not to get paid. But once the ebook get to the traffic part of the chapter the writer promotes another free ebook. Then he promotes another one but does not stat if it is free or what the price would be. Like I said he is after your money.

In Chapter four the ebook continues with the helpful information. It first tells you that you have to meet a certain payment amount before you can get paid. ClickBank automatically has it set to $100 but you can go as low as $10 but there is a $2.50 deduction for each check ClickBank sends out. Then there is the fact that by LAW you need 5 different sales before ClickBank can legally pay you. The ebook warns that if your ClickBank account is inactive after 90 days then they start taking $1 a day out of your account, $5 a day after 180 days and $50 after 365 days. It also explains about ClickBank’s payment methods.

In Chapter 5 the writer write about his “solution” on how to get 5 sales and the inactive sale rules and that is by …wait for it…. buying and promoting his $3 ebook. He goes on to say that he gives his affiliates 70% commission. He also writes about promoting his more expensive ebooks as well. All I can say is that if any of his ebooks with a price tag are anything like this free one with about 4 pages of great information and then the rest all promoting his products, then I say no I would not sell such garbage ever. I would give people the link to his free one since it does have some good information in it but I would warn them about the promotional garbage that he put in it. I would give this ebook 2/5 because there was some good information in it.

In case you are interested in his site